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Locksmith Near Me LLC now providing service in Scottsdale, AZ

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – April 17, 2017 – Locksmith Near Me LLC, a new locksmith company based in Mesa, Arizona, which began operations in November 2016, is now providing mobile locksmith service to the Scottsdale, Arizona area . “Our main office is located in Mesa but we have mobile locksmith technicians throughout the Greater Metro Phoenix area and in Scottsdale.” Says Tony Salazar, the CEO of Locksmith Near Me LLC. “With over a dozen mobile technicians within the Phoenix area we’re able to provide fast 15 minute emergency locksmith service 24 hours a day.”

Locksmith Near Me LLC has partnered with other local and national locksmith companies to provide fast mobile locksmith service for automotive, residential and commercial customers. While the company may be new, the locksmiths providing service are highly trained and professional independent technicians. Locksmith Near Me provides fast 15 minute response time for emergency and most locksmith services. Locksmith Near Me only has a low $9 charge for their service call, significantly lower then most other locksmith service providers, and have low starting prices for services such as lock change, lock rekey, emergency lockout, and many other services for auto, home and business.

Locksmith Near Me LLC plan to expand its mobile service outside Arizona and the Phoenix area and offer professional service nationwide. Locksmith Near Me is actively seeking new locksmith partners across the US. If you are an existing locksmith technician interested in becoming a Locksmith Near Me partner, you are encouraged to contact them by phone or through their website for more information.

For more information about Locksmith Near Me LLC and specifically their mobile service in Scottsdale, you can visit online at:

You can also find reach them by phone at:

Locksmith Near Me LLC
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Toll Free: (844) 234-5400
Local: (480) 207-2133

About Locksmith Near Me, LLC

Locksmith Near Me LLC’s corporate location is located in Mesa, AZ. All jobs are performed by technicians who are independent contractors. Limited warranty on parts may be provided by the technician. Prices listed are starting prices, additional fees and labor costs may apply. Lock rekeys are based on each lock and may have additional charges. Lockout pricing may vary by lock type or make and model of vehicles. 15 minute response time dependent on time of day, availability and other factors. Contact a representative for more information.

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